Crypto Trader Review

Crypto Trader in Spanish has been in the social networks for some time now, according to its page is to make you a millionaire with bitcoins, etc… since we were not talking about frauds of crypto currencies, maybe the fraudsters have also taken their own vacations, to be able to plot a new deception, in this case the deception is Crypto Trader.

And of course, here we bring you a new one, a fraudulent platform of those that we love to unmask quickly. This is Crypto Trader.

Just by hearing its name, it has already given us food for thought, because most of these media barely have the imagination to create new frauds, at least with “innovative” names, and this is not the case.


Bearing in mind that we already have enough experience in this subject, we will not give it more thought and we will begin immediately to demonstrate the deception that is behind this platform.

We do all this so that you don’t fall into the clutches of crypto trader and still have your money safely. Don’t let them deceive you!

What do we know about Crypto Trader?

The first thing we do is to investigate a little about the origin of this platform.
Of course, we look for the official website and… what do we find?

Because it is quite complicated to access it from the Google search engine, because these people have been smarter than the account and have linked the platform with a false news in a supposed financial medium, a Daily Newsfeed. We have detected that there are several false news on the subject, and depending on the country, for example in Mexico is used a news from Shark Tank Mexico where they “explain” how a woman makes money live with Crypto Trader, all this is false …

We have reports of people from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, etc… all of them reached the crypto trader in Spanish through false news of how people became millionaires in a short time.

crypto trader home

Just by investigating a few minutes, we have already found the first lie, since we know for sure that this “medium” does not exist.

Since, if we look for the domain in the network, a direct link does not appear, moreover, all the information that there is about this medium is related to the platform, with which… we already know that they lie.

We don’t give up and we keep researching about Crypto Trader. So we finally get into the main website, although the work is complicated because to do so, you have to click on the central image that appears in that commented media.